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About NanoNet Ireland


NanoNet Ireland brings together the key stakeholders in developing nanoscience, nanotechnology & nano-enabled businesses in Ireland i.e. government, academia and industry. The mission of NanoNet Ireland is to encourage and facilitate all organisations and partners involved in nanoscience to achieve growth in nanotechnology related markets.


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In 2016 NanoNet Ireland will take over the role of CCAN in representing Irish nanotechnology internationally and acting as a national contact point for nanotechnology related enquiries from both within Ireland and from international partners.

This website will be updated in Q4 of 2015 to reflect the enhanced scope of NanoNet Ireland and the new organisation.


Objectives of NanoNet Ireland

  • To provide a clear and unified voice on Ireland's focus, position, performance and potential in nanotechnology and and nanoscience
  • To provide a vehicle to exchange high quality information between companies and the science community on markets, collaborations, funding, partnerships and commercialisation
  • To educate and inform on all aspects of nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • To act as an 'interface' for Ireland in showcasing its Nanoscience capabilities to the rest of the world
  • To create a forum for policy discussion
  • To drive activity and innovation for wealth and job creation

Steering Committee

  • Mr Sean Dorgan, profile, Chair of NanoNet Ireland
  • Dr. Alan Hynes, CCAN - Collaborative Centre for Applied Nanotechnology
  • Dr. Aidan Quinn, Tyndall National Institute, UCC
  • Dr. Diarmuid O'Brien, CRANN, TCD
  • Mr Leonard Hobbs, Intel (Ireland)
  • Dr. Gerard O'Connor, Lighthouse, NUIG
  • Dr. Sergio Fernandez-Ceballos, Enterprise Ireland
  • Ms Mary Colcough, CRANN, TCD
  • Dr. Noel ODowd, University of Limerick